Project: Roll out awning

This one was a few years ago now. I couldn’t find the original write up I used to make this one, but the idea is pretty simple.

Roll Out Awning

Roll Out Awning [+]

I wanted an awning a bit bigger than the commercial ones typically available (usually 2.5m long). So I decided to make my own 2.5m x 4m long awning.

To build the awning, I used 100mm PVC pipe and bought a couple end caps. I cut a slot along the length of the pipe for the opening. The internal rod (10mm pipe from memory) spans the length of the tube and pokes out both ends through the caps (this allows it to spin freely).

I got a cheap tarp off eBay for starters just to try it all out. The tarp is cable tied and duct taped to the internal rod then slid inside the unit. I had to add a few features like a locking bolt & velcro straps to stop it spinning and unravelling while driving.

To roll it up – I have a hex bolt head welded to the end of the rod, so all I have to do is put a socket wrench on there and wind it in.

It works really well and we definitely couldn’t do without it while camping now. If I had to do it again, I would try to get much a stronger PVC pipe (maybe even aluminium pipe) to help prevent flexing, this may not be a problem though depending where your mount points are.

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