Design: First drafts

Here are a few of my initial design concepts whipped up relatively quickly in Sketchup (3d design software).

These give us the general layout idea(s) and help alleviate any major design flaws at this early stage (before moving onto the frame design):

Once we get deeper into the design there will be a lot of issues to overcome. This has a lot to do with what parts we’ll be putting in (& where to fit them), such as water tanks/heaters, sinks, cookers, gas bottles, batteries, etc, which will likely change the dimensions of some of the storage areas, but you have to start somewhere!

4 thoughts on “Design: First drafts

  1. I’ve been thinking about building a new camper from scratch at the moment as well. Mine is currently side entry, which is a real pain. The pro’s are that the entry is under the roof out of the rain, but the cons are you need to crawl over the space created by the hatch to get into bed.
    I’m leaning towards rear entry. But one thing on my list of requirements is that I need to be able to set it up without having to disconnect the boat which I’ll be towing. Do you intend on towing?
    One other thing I’ve found is that I’d like the roof to be a little higher when it’s folded out so I don’t need to hunch over while cooking outside etc. So I’ll make the next one a little taller, but I am 190cm tall.
    Something to think about.
    If you haven’t read about my build feel free to check it out here under the camper renovation menu:

    Happy designing! I’m looking forward to seeing your progress!


    • Hey Ramblings. I did check out your camper & renovation posts, amazing work! I was very inspired to see the Qubelok frame come together and using the gussets just like I imagined them too. It sure makes for a strong joint!
      I’ve been thinking about your rear entry idea and had a look at some of your pics of your boat trailer. The goal of the ute camper was always to be-able to tow whenever needed and not to have to remove anything to set the camper up. With most medium to large trailers this shouldn’t normally be an issue as the draw bars are usually long enough/far enough back. However your boat looks pretty close to the rear of the ute and there’s that spare tyre mounted up high also. How much clearance do you have from the rear of the camper to the spare tyre? If you just wanted to be-able to fit a small fold-down standing platform and some stairs in there you would only really need 600mm or so, and some scissor steps like GlowSteps or Brophys should clear your trailer & draw bars as-well.
      I had another thought also, if you didn’t want to do a complete from scratch rebuild, I wondered whether you could rotate your camper 90 degrees on the tray (with the door at the rear) and re-attach the lid & hinges onto the adjacent wall? May not work (especially if the camper is not the same L & W), but worth a thought.
      Keep the ideas flowing!


      • The cube lock stuff is great. The only piece of advice I could give you with it is to go to a metal supply store rather than bunnings or similar. You’ll really pay through the nose to go to Bunnings. I priced both and I couldn’t believe the difference, especially as it ended up being around 70m of Aluminium!!!

        I just had a look at the measurements, and the height from the tray to the top of the camper is 110cm, while the length from the towball to the boat is 100 (not including the spare) and I’ve pushed the boat back as far as it can go on the trailer due to it breaking the trailer again…..
        I’d like the height of the camper to increase a little so that I have some more head room underneath, so I don’t think I could get away with the whole back wall folding down. But I do like your idea of a smaller fold down platform, perhaps it would need a fold in it or something… hmmmm…..

        Either that, or I could make a longer trailer, (which I desperately need to make a stronger trailer anyway), but then I’d also need to make a longer garage first, damn!

        Unfortunately the width and length of the camper are a little different….

        Can’t wait to see your design progress!


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