Design: The Frame

Having more or less decided to stick to my 4th revision design from my previous post, here are some pictures of my first attempt at the tube frame design of the camper:

The frame is made from 25 x 25 x 1.6mm aluminium tube and the tube connectors are from Flexliner’s large range of various multi-direction/angle connectors.

You may note from the pictures, most of the connectors are black, these are normal nylon connectors whereas the green and red connectors would be the steel core & steel core with thread, respectively. I was thinking the threaded connectors (designed for feet, castors & the like) could possibly make for a good fastening point with the floor. For the floor I was thinking of 12mm marine plywood.

Drop Down Tailgate / Platform

Design Tailgate / Stairs - Potential stair and cable positioning.

Suspended Tailgate / Platform [+]

Unfortunately I have doubts whether I can use this type of framing system for the drop down tailgate/platform. The loads it would see could be up to 300kg (3 or 4 people) and without proper support underneath (as it will be suspended by cables) the frame would simply cave in on itself. I may need to look into a stronger (perhaps welded?) solution for this.

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