A collection of handy build tips or items that I’ve come across in my research that I’ll likely forget and need later on.

  • The ‘mill finish’ forms of aluminium will oxidize over time, ‘anodized’ would be better or painting a clear coat over it to protect it – Link.
Storage Access Doors
  • Gas bottles will need an access door that’s vented to atmosphere.
  • Look further at ‘Traytrek Campers’ to figure out best door designs using aluminium framing – Link.
Camp Site Setup
  • Stick a 3 way or circular leveller on the camper somewhere – Link.
  • Secure the LPG/Gas Bottles down with Cam Buckles/Pull Tie Downs – Link.
 Rear Fold Down Platform
  • Tray-tek appear to have done this – not sure what material was used – Link.
    Found an earlier model on Youtube which shows the platform clearly (40×40 box section) – Link.
  • Tailgate Campers have also done the fold down platform – Link.
  • The hinge will be tricky, perhaps have a vertical overhang at the end of the Ute Tray to give the hinge something to bolt/rivet on to?
  • EPDM Sponge Seals – When a closed cell sponge gasket has been over compressed as beyond 50 – 70%, the gasket may rebound very slowly, or not at all, compromising the integrity of the gasket. Most closed cell sponge gaskets should be deflected 20 – 35% for optimal sealing performance.
    A 25mm thick EPDM Sponge should therefore only be compressed to between 16-20mm.
Solar Panels
  • Voltage regulators should be wired closest to the battery to cater for voltage drop over long distances.
  • Headboard on ute tray will need to be low in order to clear the gas strut which holds the camper lid.

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