The Decision

Our inspiration for this project comes from many places, the most significant though is the Wedgetail Camper. They have a simple design and so many unique features.

Wedgetail Camper

Wedgetail Camper

It has a huge internal area that folds up neatly into a 2.2m x 1.8m aluminium box that sits on your ute tray.

The lid folds over to become a raised bed (& outside awning) & the rear storage pod folds down to become a platform and increase internal space. You can access all your storage areas from inside the camper or outside. So you can cook, access all your food/clothes containers from inside or outside, even access the fridge!

So, why not just get one?

We’ve considered that in great depth, but there a few issues for us:

  1. Price tag (around $45-50k new)
  2. It’s really only designed to sleep 2 people
  3. They’re quite heavy (up to 650kg dry weight) and most vehicles will need suspension upgrades
  4. It only fits on Single/Xtra Cab Ute trays (no Dual Cabs!)

 What about another camper?

Trayon Camper

Trayon Camper

The Trayon Campers look good & are very light. They have a Dual Cab model with a cantilever over the roof and it even sleeps 4!
A bit more of a reasonable price tag too at around the $30-35k.

But there’s something missing for us. A lot of the storage areas inside cannot be accessed from the outside, and the internal area is quite a bit smaller than the Wedgetail.

There are a lot of options out there to look at but these two really stand out and are among the few that have the fold over camper lid/bed/awning all-in-one which shades and also creates that large internal space.

So that doesn’t leave us with a lot of options..

Could it be custom built to our needs? Could I build it?

I’m not shy to a little hard work and ingenuity, and something like this would definitely be the largest project I will have attempted. I’ve made a few custom built items for camping and odd jobs previously (like a 4×4 rollout awning & a tow hitch cargo cage). I have a mig welder and some other basic metal working tools, but this would be a totally different ballgame.

I don’t know if I have the skills or could learn enough to build something like that, but figured I would do some research and see what’s involved.

This blog will help me to collect all the interesting design tips, inner workings and keep track of what I’ve looked at and what I need to look at in order to build this thing.

So far I haven’t come across anything in my research that made me say “I can’t do that”….

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